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At Bill Newman Ministries, we are "all about evangelism!" We not only proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the nations, we also train others to do the same.

The purpose of this site is to provide a cutting edge, useful resource to all Christians, in order to equip them to simply and effectively share their faith. Not only does it provide training in personal evangelism, but also provides powerful and effective resources that can and have been successfully used in personal witnessing and wider presentations.

This site is also used as a training ground for all those who want to volunteer at a Bill Newman Ministries event. The sessions presented here are a pre-requisite for anyone who wishes to volunteer as part of the BNM Evangelism Counselling Team, counselling those that respond at one of our evangelistic events.

The material is presented by Bill Newman Ministries and is drawn from over 30 years of evangelistic ministry work.

For more information on Bill Newman Ministries visit www.billnewman.org.au
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